Barry and I (Kaori) had a stall for the first time at The Cottage Market Drogheda in June 2018 as Bee Natural, but I actually made the first beeswax wrap few months before then. Our son always complained about the smell of plastic bag/film from his school lunch, I was wondering what I could use as an alternative, and also something natural if possible. Then I thought about beeswax wraps – an ancient way but reusable and compostable. From the very next day, our kids were happily bringing their lunch to school packed in the wraps.  I made a few more, to give to our family and friends, to see what they might think. Two of my friends suggested me to do The Cottage Market Drogheda. I said “No, I’m too shy for that!” to both of them – but their words stayed in my mind for few months. One day, I sent an email to Eimear who is chief organiser behind the market, and received a big “YES” response. That’s how we started. She has championed our product and supported us ever since.

Now we supply about 20 shops/craft shops/market stalls in Ireland as well as our own online shop. When we began, we honestly believed we were aiming at a small market. But we were soon surprised by the amount of people who responded and inquired positively. More and more people than we thought were seeking an alternative to plastic and cling film, as they were conscious of taking steps to make our environment better. They immediately realized that using our wraps was a useful and simple step in doing this.

 We always get encouragement and advise from customers and marketeers. We feel a great connection with people and sharing our great product with them brings us great joy. We are still small and are limited in the quantities we can produce, but learning and growing all the time, and enjoying people’s response to our product.

Kaori and Barry


  • Selected for Gifted 2019 in Design & Crafts Council of Ireland (DCCoI)'s Gifts area